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Try On Samples at Home

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Interested in seeing our beautiful designs in person? Order a “Home Try On” sample box delivered directly to you!

  • What’s Included?

Each of our Home Try on boxes include the following:

  1. 2 Tops or 1 Top+1Dress of your choice

  2. 1 Skirt of your choice

  3. Clips, Sashes & Accessories (we will choose accessories upon availability)

  4. Free Shipping & Return Label included 
- Want to try on more? You can order 2 Home Try On boxes! 
If you decide to purchase any dress pieces with us (accessories only excluded) we will have it made to your measurements and one sample box try on fee will be deducted. 
  • Timeframe & Shipping

Our Try on period is for 3 days upon receiving the box. After 3 days, we require you to return the box to us using the return shipping label included (at no extra cost to you). If you exceed the number of try on days without communicating to us we will charge $20 for each extra day you keep the samples for. 

If however you anticipate that you are unable to return the boxes in the allotted 3 day try on period or have a change in your schedule, let us know beforehand and we are happy to work something out for you at no addition cost. 

Our Home Try On boxes are currently only available to US customers at the moment.

  • I’ve just ordered - now what?

When you order the try on box, please fill out all the questions so we know the details of what you are looking for and the dates you have in mind to try on. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions and we will communicate with you if we have any questions. 

Depending on availability of our samples we can arrange the try on box as soon as possible (could be 1-3weeks) or on a particular date when you have family & friends visiting. We require minimum 2 weeks advance notice for a particular date request. If we cannot accommodate your order for a particular date we will let you know in advance. 

  • Can I substitute pieces?

If you would like to try on 2 skirts or 2 tops/dresses instead of one of each - let us know! For skirts if one of the pieces you are interested in is one of our bigger skirt silhouettes such as the Celebration, Big Celebration, Big Deam, White Tie, or Chateau skirt - then only one skirt will fit into the box and if you'd like to try on 2 skirts you'll need to order 2 try on boxes. For 2 tops or 2 dresses we can accommodate that be put into 1 box for you. 

  • Availability of Samples:

Each of our pieces are available for try on, however the number of samples and sizes are currently limited. If you need a certain piece or have a specific timeframe in mind, please contact us first at to check the availability of the sample and your size and we can advise you on an estimated date. If you have purchased a Try On Box and your sample is not available for whatever reason, we are happy to refund you immediately. 

Check out this fun video from D.I.Y. bride Alexandra Beuter where she shares her Lace & Liberty at home try on experience (0:30-4:00 in video)!

For more info check out the video below where our founder Danielle shares more details of our try on box!  

Size Chart
Size Chart