Classic & Romantic Lace Wedding Gown Inspiration

Falling in love with lace for your custom wedding gown? You are in the right place! At Lace & Liberty, one of our all-time favorite design elements for our gowns is definitely lace! With a wide variety of laces to choose from, finding the perfect lace that fits your unique visionis simple. Whether you choose lace applique, sheet lace, or 3D lace, your custom Lace & Liberty wedding gown is sure to have a classic and romantic touch! 

Once you have plenty of inspiration for your lace dress, the next step is scheduling an initial consultation with one of our expert designers. During your consultation, you’ll learn more about the design process and how we can bring your custom gown to life! 

Delicate Sheet Lace

If you think of a classic lace wedding gown, you might think of sheet lace! This delicate lace is created in sheets that are lightweight, with a consistent floral pattern, and vintage look! Sheet lace also typically has a stunning scalloped edge details on it that creates a soft and romantic feel. Our bride Andrea, created a gorgeous gown with all-over sheet lace with a scalloped edge on the neckline for a timeless look!

Give me the appliqué

Lace applique is a more modern and very popular style of lace. Unlike sheet lace, lace applique comes in pieces that are applied (hence the name) to a gown in a specific area or placement! This style of lace is what our beautiful bride Caroline used all over her stunning Lace & Liberty gown. Her design features a A-line silhouette, a sweetheart neckline and a train for the epitome of romance! 

3D Lace? Yes, please!

One of our absolute favorite lace styles is 3D lace applique! This style of lace adds softness and texture to your unique wedding gown design. Our bride Joyce, added delicate 3D floral lace along the bodice and fading into her skirt that adds so much romance and lightness into her design! 

Geometric Lace

Not so into floral lace? Geometric lace might be perfect for you! This style of lace uses more lines and swirl motifs and has a regal look that is fit for a queen! Our bride Jenny layered geometric and sheet lace to create an elegant bridal gown with nude illusion straps and lace that fades down the length of her skirt!

Beautiful Lace Bodice

Craving a mix of romantic and classic? Having lace only on the bodice of your gown could be perfect! Our bride Kelly did just that! Kelly’s design features delicate sheet lace on the bodice of her dress with those perfect long sleeves. Paired with a classic A-line tulle skirt, this is the perfect combination to make the lace of your gown stand out and create some contrast between your bodice and skirt! 

All the lace layers!

Trend alert! We are all about the double lace look! This look uses both sheet lace and lace applique layered over top of one another. This combination creates interest with pattern and texture! To recreate this unique look, select a sheet lace for one of the inner layers of your dress and choose a lace applique to go on the top layer of your gown! Our bride Cynthia expertly utilized this trend when she choose a delicate lace to layer under her lace applique. The final gown is the lace combination of our dreams!