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The Bali Corset is our classic bridal corset top, fully covered with our favorite 3D lace flowers. This corset is suited for those girls looking to add a unique, romantic texture to their dress. Pair this with one of our bridal separate skirts or mix and match between different skirts (i.e. Ball gown skirt vs short and fun tulle tutu) to effortlessly transition between ceremony and reception. h



Please ensure you allow 8 - 10 weeks for delivery. For Brides looking for urgent orders, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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  • Delivery - 8-10weeks from when you order. 
  • Urgent  Orders - dont' hesitate to contact us at
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Custom made to your own Measurements 

Made to Order

All our products are made to order. The measurements required are listed below (for best results, please enlist a friend or a tailor to help!). We will email you for these after your purchase.

We strive to provide you with the best fit possible, however for each item we will make material allowances in the inseam so that after receiving the product, you can still adjust up to one size larger (if required).

1. Height: _______ cm / in

2. Chest: _______ cm / in (Please measure the widest part of your chest)

3. Waist: _______ cm / in (This is your natural waist - the smallest part of your waist)

4. Hips: _______ cm / in (Although this product is just a top, we would like to have this for proportion reference)

5. Neck to Chest: _______ cm / in (Starting from the nape of your neck - where your shoulder meets your neck - and measure over your breast to the highest point of your breast)

6. Neck to Waist: _______ cm / in (Starting from the nape of your neck, measure over your breast to you natural waist)

7. Neck to Top Length (expected): _______ cm / in (Starting from the centre of your neck, measure down to where you prefer the top to end (do not measure over breast curve for this measurement))

If you have any further customisation requirements please do not hesitate to contact us!

Size Chart
Size Chart