Last Minute Wedding Dress Options

When we first started our own wedding dress shopping we were so shocked to find that most bridal stores required at least a 6 month turnaround time for our wedding dress to be made!

The alternative option was to buy a dress off the rack. This of course is a great option for girls who are lucky enough to find the dress they love in the size the needed, however, most of the time this still meant a hefty tailoring fee to alter the dress to their height and body.

Whilst its nice to have a long engagement and a year to plan your wedding, not every bride has the luxury of time. If you have recently decided to get married and you have less than 6 months before your wedding, don’t worry, we have you covered with the following options:

You still have at least 3 months before your wedding date:
Option 1: Lace & Liberty Standard Delivery time: 8-10 Weeks 
Because we ship directly to you from our workshop, we are able to guarantee a standard delivery time of 8-10 weeks. Which means that you will be getting your dress at the third of the time that is usually required from traditional bridal boutiques. If your wedding is still at least 3 months away from date of order, then we recommend this option.

If your wedding date is between 8 - 10 weeks away:
Option 2: Rush Orders 
If your wedding date is actually coming up fast (8-10 weeks away!) and/or you want to ensure you can get your dress by a certain date that’s within the next 10 weeks to allow time for that last minute tailoring (highly recommended) then do email us at to confirm we can cater to your request! This rush order usually will not incur extra costs.

If your wedding date is between 5-8 weeks away:
Option 3: Super Rush Orders
A little over month before your wedding? Don’t worry we may still be able to provide you with your custom made wedding gown! Email us first at with your wedding date and your latest date to receive the dress and we can see what we can do! For the super rush orders, a rush fee of $150 will be charged.

If your wedding is under 5 weeks away:
Option 4: No promises but let’s see!
Girl, you are cutting it close! But it does happen! Whilst we won’t be able to promise that we can work miracles, (the fastest we have been able to turn around is 3-4 weeks) there may still be a chance. Do email us at with your request and we will try our best to help you out. If we can accommodate the request, an urgent rush fee will be incurred and get ready to have your measurements on hand so we can get moving on your order as soon as possible!