Dear Brides,


We are real girls

We work hard for what we have so that we have the luxury of choosing what to spend our money on.

We value our family and friends and nothing is more important to us than experiencing life and making priceless memories with our loved ones.
We don’t subscribe to tradition for the sake of tradition or obligation. Instead, we honor the events and ceremonies that mean something to ourselves or to our loved ones.

We know that marriage isn’t just about a wedding, but about the journey and life that we will take with our chosen one. We are realistic about the potential ups and downs that the long road ahead may bring along with its curves and crossroads. And we are ready.

On our wedding day, we want to look like ourselves, but the best version of ourselves. We want to feel confident, strong, modern, romantic, when we look into our partner’s eyes and declare - “I Choose You” in front of the people that matter to us the most.

Overall, we just want to look and feel beautiful in those magical 8 hours we are wearing our wedding dress. But we don’t want to spend the next 5 years wishing we spent less on a dress we could only wear for 8 hours.
This may sound like a lot to ask but we don't want to settle for anything less.


And that is how Lace & Liberty came into being,

Personalized Dress

Instead of flipping through the racks of pre-designed wedding gowns, we want YOU to have the choice of putting to together the wedding dress and the silhouette that suits you best. We want your friends and family to look at you on your wedding day and say "Wow that dress is so you!” And that is exactly why we chose to offer bridal separates.

Accesible Pricing

We also chose to sell directly to you. Not only does that mean that your dresses are delivered from our workshop to your doorstep, made to your measurements and sizing, but it also means that we are cutting out the middle man costs. And these savings we are passing directly to you, which means more budget left over to spend on creating experiences and memories for you and your loved ones

We aren’t fans of the word exclusive. Wedding dresses should be inclusive. Every day we work hard and hustle hard and we shouldn’t be stuck overpaying for something just because it has the word “wedding” attached to it.
We believe that buying wedding dresses should be fun. We believe that the dress you choose should represent you in every single way, leave you feeling good, with money to spare for fun experiences in this exciting next chapter of your life.


Born out of personal frustrations: 

Like many brides before her, our founder Danielle had a hard time finding her wedding dress. Her main issue was that she kept loving the top of one dress and the skirt of another! Through that experience the concept of Lace & Liberty was born.

She loves helping guide brides through the difficult process of deciding what to wear on their wedding day and giving them a top notch modern dress shopping experience. In her spare time she loves exploring the great outdoors of California with her husband Neil and their dog (and Lace & Liberty mascot) Buddy!