Frequently Asked Questions

Qs: What's your Return Policy?

L&L: Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for timing, return policy and alterations info. 

Qs: Will the combined top and skirt look like a they come together as one dress?
    L&L: Yes. We have designed a slim waistband on our skirts, creating a seamless design when the top is worn tucked inside the skirt. The waistband is also slim enough for you to wear belts and sashes over it without any issues. There are also a few looks that are suitable for the top to be worn over the skirt, creating a casual and fun look. 
    Qs: Will my dress fit perfectly if it’s made to measure? 
      L&L: Our goal in providing a made to measure service is to have our products to suit your body shape as best as possible. However, even with Made-to-Measure products we don’t expect that all items will fit perfectly upon receipt. This is could be due to a variety of reasons, such as weight change between time of order and receipt of items, small discrepancies in measuring, or even general fit issues that can only be resolved with a physical tailor. Because of this, each of our items have been designed for easy alterations or adjustments. 
      Qs: Is it easy to make adjustments to the pieces? 

        L&L: Yes. If your dress doesn’t fit perfectly, no need to panic! You can have any of our designs easily altered at an experienced local tailor to achieve the perfect fit. In addition all of our pieces are designed with easy alteration in mind, we've made material allowances on the inside  seams of all our products to allow alteration adjustment of up to one size larger, should this be required. 

        Qs: How does Made to Measure work?

          L&L: watch our video below: 


          Qs: What’s the difference between the celebration skirt & big celebration skirt? 
            L&L: Watch our video here

            Qs: What's the difference between the Dream Skirt & Daydream Skirts? 
              L&L: Watch our video here

              Qs: Details on our Muse Skirts - detachable train and pick ups 
                L&L: Watch our video here 

                Qs: How wide are the skirt waistbands? Can I add a sash over the skirt waistband?
                  1) The following skirts have a standard waistband size of 2.5cm - Dream Skirt, Daydream Skirt, Translucent Dream Skirt, Demi-Dream Skirt, Muse Skirt, Chateau Skirt, Celebration Skirt, Big Celebration Skirt, Demi-Celebration Skirt, Wonderland Skirt & Garden Muse Skirt.
                  2) The following skirts have a standard waistband width of 4cm - Big Dream Skirt, White Tie Skirt & Soho Skirt 

                  Qs: How do you take measurements of yourself?
                    L&L - Refer to this our "How to Measure Yourself" page here - and watch the video below for details!