Custom Made Wedding Dresses (words only)

Picture this - walking into a bridal store, and seeing rows and rows of gowns in front of you and the possibilities they contain. Eagerly, you jump right in, reaching for the rack closest to you and flipping through each hanging dress, one by one. But the more you flip, the more your excitement starts to dwindle. You then pull a few top contenders and try them on. Sure they are all quite beautiful in their own way - and each of them have something you love (the top on that looks so good on me!) and something you aren’t so keen about (but this skirt is just ehh!). Why is finding the right one so hard?

You already know what looks good on you - you know exactly which necklines work for your top and which skirts shapes flatter your derriere. You’ve known this for at least the last 10-15 years (since you grew into your adult body and purchased clothes for yourself!). But when it comes to wedding dresses, the one day when you want to look your nicest and present only the very best parts of yourself to be flattered and admired, it can sometimes be downright impossible to find that exact top-and-bottom combination in one pre-designed gown that can do it all.

When we started focusing on separates it wasn’t because we wanted to keep up with the latest wedding crop top trend of the moment (though we must say, we do love a great crop!). It’s because by breaking down a traditional wedding gown into separate tops, skirts, toppers, half-skirts, etc, we can give our brides the power to put together their perfect wedding dress themselves. THEY can choose the neckline. THEY can decide on the skirt. They can even convert a gown into a short party dress if they wanted two different looks on their wedding day. 

Some people ask us - if our goal is to give the brides the ability to “build” their dress, why don’t we allow them to fully design their perfect dress? Our answer is easy - because most of the time, you really wouldn’t want to! Designing a dress is so much more than deciding on a silhouette you want and whether you like lace or satin. Throughout the design process there are lots of decisions to be made, some gives and takes in relation to construction, feasibility and affordability. 

By offering pre-designed separates, we have tasked ourselves with solving these issues already - and leaving the fun part - putting together the dress and the overall look - to the brides themselves.

Of course there are many ways brides can still customize our designs to make it their own. These include adding straps, a train, sleeve lengths, back detailing, etc. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the construction of the original top, all these customizations are possible and completely doable.

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a dress made especially with them in mind? Every single piece is made only once the bride has ordered, to their specified measurements. The advantages of this is that it can lead to some huge savings at the tailor (especially in relation to height!). Our disclaimer here is that although ever piece is made to your own measurements, often brides may still want to go to their local tailor for just that extra nip/tuck to truly make it fit like a glove. This is normal. But you can be rest assured that these adjustments should only be minor and relatively cheap.

Custom wedding dresses definitely will take longer to get into your hands than an off the rack dress. But don’t you worry - our standard delivery timeline is 10 weeks. If you’re nervous about timing check out our delivery timelines here .