Customization Options

At Lace & Liberty you decide the design details for your dress to express your personal style like no one else can. You're going to get your hands dirty. We have a sophisticated scope of adjustments that can be made to our designs. Share the look you're trying to achieve with a stylist for guidance, expert advice and inspiration.

Most Popular

  • Fully extend the lining on lace tops
  • Substitute zippers for buttons or hook and eye
  • Deepen a boatneck or V neckline in the front or back
  • Replace straps with cap sleeves
  • Add a horsehair edge to skirts
  • Add or remove layer of tulle or chiffon on a skirt for more or less body
  • Add a top layer of lace to the skirt made from the same lace for your top or veil
  • Add a slit to floor length skirts
  • Add a train to your desired length
  • Create a veil made from the same lace as your top or skirt
  • Lengthen a veil to your desired length

Customizing Color

We would love to make a dress in the color of your choice. Talk to a stylist and she will request photos or a description, and send you fabric swatches to review. For skirts, she might have some advice on which layers to add color for your desired look.