💕 Mr. & Mrs. Gubala 💕

💕 Mr & Mrs Gubala 💕

laguna wedding top + daydream wedding skirt

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I live in SWFL. Born and raised in Naples Florida. I have 2 adorable children, a handsome husband, and 2 dogs, one being a 120 lb Catahoula. I'm a full time Mommy, work 4 overnight shifts a week caring for an amazingly sweet elderly couple and take photographs for some pretty amazing clients!

How did you choose your wedding dress and what made it “you"?

I have always imagined a long sleeve lace top with a simple tulle skirt. I searched and searched for the perfect dress and was unable to find anything close to what I wanted. They were either lace all over or just too much. I remember seeing an instagram post from y'all and instantly fell in love. I loved that I was able to try on the dress in the comfort of my Mommas house with just my closet friends.

Tell us a little about you and your partner’s story? 

We did things backwards. We fell in love, had 2 babies, and then got married. We fought and loved and fought a little more. We both lost our fathers within 2 years of each other all while raising a newborn and a toddler. It was exhausting and stressful but we managed to come out stronger through it all 

What was your wedding like and what was a most memorable moment? 

We decided, after 3 years of putting off the wedding, to elope in the Blue Ridge Mountains. After both our fathers passed, we couldn't imagine having a normal wedding. We knew that if we waited till we were ready it would never happen. So we decided to go to the mountains, alone, with no family, not even our beautiful children. We wanted to take it back to the basics, just the two of us and two of our closet friends. We stayed for a week in a little cabin in Ellijay, Ga. The cabin was on top of a mountain and car ride up was pretty intense. But that cabin was the cutest, sweetest thing ever. It was smoky most of the time due to the fires around the area. But on Saturday when we woke up, the smoke was gone. It was the only day while we were there, that the smoke had settled. It was meant to be!

What was the most challenging part of your wedding planning process and any advice for future L&L brides?

Measuring! My only advice is to triple measure everything and have more than one person measure you! Other than that, the ladies are amazing. Will bend over backwards for you! I promise you won't regret building your dream dress!


Makeup: Intensify By Patience https://www.facebook.com/intensifybypatience/