Amelia & Trey

November 29, 2016

Amelia & Trey


Originally from Kentucky, our real bride Amelia now lives in Orlando with her new family – her husband Trey (who works at Disney World!!) and her two “loud & obnoxious dogs” Frazier & Chloe. Currently in nursing school and working at the Cardiac ICU, Amelia loves her job, and is constantly inspired by the amazing and courageous patients she meets and connects with on a daily basis.



If I could give any advice I would say that I would have worried much less about the centerpieces or decorating. I don’t even remember one detail about how things looked and I don’t think anyone else did either. Everyone is too busy enjoying everyone’s company. I spent days thinking and working on little details that in the end didn’t matter.”


Focus on a single element you like or must have for your wedding dress (the material? The neckline? The silhouette?) and go from there. For Amelia – her starting point was TULLE. 


Read on for Amelia’s first hand account of her experiences in the lead up to, as well as on her magical day:



I started with the tulle and knew that it was exactly what I wanted. It was soft and flowy and light and I thought it was so romantic looking. I have never been a glitter girl so I loved that the dress was simple and clean looking. It didn’t need any extra fluff to make it beautiful. I wanted to be comfortable in my dress and in my skin on my wedding day so I wanted to wear something that didn’t make me feel like a cupcake. I honestly didn’t want to take my dress off. My husband still jokes about how he worries he will come home and I will be walking around the house wearing it! Many people couldn’t believe it was two separate pieces when they asked at the wedding. I thought the dress was sweet and romantic and easy and that is everything I hoped my wedding day would be. 


Why Lace & Liberty?

I had tried on probably ten dresses when I was visiting my mom in Southern California and I thought, “meh, they are okay.” But I did not feel strongly about any of them. I realized I wanted tulle. I loved the how easy it seemed to wear and I knew it would be very comfortable. At first I was just looking for a full tulle skirt on Etsy and that is when I found you all and I got all the butterflies seeing the tops that you have made. I knew once I saw it that I didn’t want to look anymore. So in short, no there were no other dresses I really felt strongly about. 

Any Concerns when purchasing?

The only thing I can think of is that I regret not being able to see the dresses in person because I lived across the country but the sample really helped! You were so helpful, easy-going and the shipping was lightning fast! I feel so lucky that I had such an easy experience! I was very worried about sending measurements and doing them incorrectly but my dress fit like a glove and it was so comfortable. I hate wearing strapless dresses where you feel like you need to tug and pull at it to keep it up, but it was lovely! 




Trey and I actually met in middle school. We went to a very small Catholic school and his mom was my teacher. Although we became close quickly, we stayed flirty friends through college. We both had other significant others but nothing could ever compare to how I felt about each other. I was so worried about dating my best friend. I did not want the relationship to go south and for me to lose him. But eventually I came around and decided to make him my boyfriend on a date to the aquarium.

The moment we began dating I knew it was going to get serious very fast and that there was no turning back. Dating my best friend was the best thing I ever did. No one has ever understood me the way he does. Not to mention he has stayed by my side through braces, bangs and put up with me through some dark times. We took a trip to Disney World in May 2015 and he made a puzzle that said “Will You Marry Me?” I put it together (I really love puzzles) and immediately started ugly crying. It came as a complete surprise. The diamond he gave me was a family diamond and it meant the world to me. We were engaged a full year. When family and friends saw that we were engaged there were a lot of “I knew it!” and “Finally!” comments being made. It seemed like everyone around us had known we were meant for each other before I did.



 I wanted my wedding to be and feel easy so I tried very hard not to make things seem to fussy or stuffy. And I felt like Lace & Liberty dresses felt that way. Overall, the wedding planning was very simple and easy - I feel very lucky! 

We got married at Evans Orchard and Cider Mill in Georgetown, Ky. They had an event barn up on a hill right next to a big silo and it was the only location we looked at. It was actually Treys idea and I loved it the moment we pulled up.

Because it was in a barn I was very worried the look would become “country” very easily and I did not want that. I used dried lavender and other wildflowers to decorate the barn. It smelled heavenly. The rafters were covered in twinkle lights. About 180 guests attended.

The ceremony was meant to be outside but it poured all day so we moved it inside the barn. For all of my wedding pictures I actually changed into big gray rain boots so my shoes didn’t get ruined. We had family friends play guitar and sing as I walk down the aisle with both my parents. We wrote our own vows together and I even made it through them without crying all of my makeup off. Treys amazing grandma made an incredible dessert table filled with cookies, cupcakes, rice krispies and cake pops. I loved having so many personal touches.

The reception was a blast. Everyone was on the dance floor. We had the dance floor spill out onto a patio and when the rain passed people played corn hole and watched the sunset over the orchard. I was surrounded by more love and laughter than I knew possible. We had a sparkler exit to our car that was filled with giant Mickey and Minnie balloons because we were moving to Florida. It was by far the happiest day of my life.